About Us

Chandigarh Royal Real Estate presented Royal Estate with quality, reliability and service in real estate market of Chandigarh. Chandigarh Royal Real Estate having many years of experience and dedication in challenging task of this market.
Chandigarh Royal Real Estate Chandigarh having 2bhk & 3bhk semi-furnished flats with different category which are designed according to need of customers. We provides all modern lifestyle facilities with convenience, comfort and royal splendor. All world-class amenities including shopping complex and schools in complex. Many shopping malls and sophisticated multiplexes are near Royal Estate Chandigarh which is really changing the topography and increasing value of the place. You will find the best of the brands and premium business houses setting shop near the society. So Chandigarh Royal Real Estate is the best option in Chandigarh area. While building a property whether residential or commercial,the buyer puts money which he/she has earned over the years by hard work therefore it becomes essential to do a thorough check of the property befor making any final decision.

Here is the Checklist of few important documents which should be place before investing the money in any proprty.
1.Title Documents like copy of conveyance deed/registry has to be in possession of the seller.Incase the property is mortgaged then the documents should be with the bank or financial institution who has provided the loan.
2.Revenue Department Records have to be checked from sub registrar office or Revenue officer(Patwari in some states)to confirm the actual ownership of the property.Latedt mutation papers(fard/jamabandi/Intekal)has to be verified to chec that the property stands in the same name of seller.It will also confirm if there is any litigation or the property is mortgaged.
3.No due certificate to be obtained from bank/financial institution in case they had provided any loan earlier.The no due certificate will confirm that there is no outstanding.
4.Sanctioned Buildingplans to be checked from competent authority/Municipal Corporation.It will confirm that the building is constructed as per sanctioned plan by authorities or there is any violation done in construction.If there is any violation in construction then one should avoid purchasing that property.
5.Occupation Certificate also known as OC is issued by the concerned authorities. OC is issued after checking that the building is constructed as per the sanctioned plan and there is no violation. OC will be applicable in properties which are possession ready.